Top 6 Wedding Cake Trends

Wedding cakes are now evolving with the help of designer cake makers. They are no more the same boring white cakes that we used to order in the past. The cake designers have taken it to the next level by adding elements that change everything about a wedding cake except for its idea. Wedding cakes are more than a recipe with a range of flavors, patterns, textures, designs, and elements. You can find all kinds of wedding cakes with your nearest wedding cake makers. Here are the top trends in wedding cakes that you should know before placing an order.

Top 6 Wedding Cake Trends

Floral cakes

Have you ever imagined flowers on your wedding cake? Now it is possible! Flowers are beautiful and timeless. They can not only make your cake look and smell good, but they also do not taste that bad on eating. Sometimes the flowers are made of fondant, sugar, and cream, but most customers prefer real flowers on their cakes today.

Lace cakes

If you have not seen a lace cake yet, you are expecting a surprise. Lace cakes are stunning and have taken the cake world by storm. It makes a simple white cake look like a designer masterpiece. Add a ribbon to it, and it makes a perfect product of workmanship and artistry.

Metallic cakes

The couples who are fond of silver, gold, and platinum will surely enjoy the looks of the metallic cakes that are in trend today. The metallic finish adds more glamor to the cake. It gives a luster effect that people will find attractive under a good light. Metallic cakes are still a new idea and only suit a specific audience.

Painted cakes

Painted cakes are not the same as colorful rainbow cakes. These painted cakes are designed to look like they have been decorated like wallpaper. Although it does not take much effort to put colors on a cake, you can pick the kind of design or graffiti you want on the cake.

Geometric cakes

If you want to do something out of tradition and add modern ideas to your cake, you can go for these geometric cakes. Geometric shapes are fun and give a contemporary feel to the cake. You can use the same design on your invitation cards and your wedding clothes and then finally cut the cake that geometrically serves as your brand.

Ruffled cake

Ruffled cakes are for those who like to break the rules. They look good and taste good, but you can tell from their designs that they did not have any specific blueprint. Ruffled cakes are light and airy. They mostly contain sugar cream. It can make the cake out of proportion, but it will still look appealing to the guests because of its texture.

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