Top Pastries in the world

Pastry, a dough made of flour and water with a sweet, savory flavor, is a food that is loved by most of us. It can be a usual snack or breakfast and also a birthday cake. There are hundreds and thousands of pastries in the world that are delicious. Few world-famous pastries that water the mouth are:

Top Pastries in the world

Pineapple buns

A pineapple bun is a Pastry that is not made of pineapple. Strange right?

A dough made of sugar, flour, oil, and eggs is one kind in Hong Kong, where people love this food for breakfast and in the afternoon with tea.

The name “Pineapple” is given, as the texture of this Pastry resembles that of a pineapple. The crispy texture from the outside and the soft inside is one of many favorites as it is inexpensive.


Mille Feuilles

Mille Feuilles, a creamy, delicate, and flaky cake from a French dish made from flour, milk, eggs, butter, and sugar. There are many layers in this cake and toppings like cocoa, vanilla icing, and almonds. It is similar to that of the regular cake, but with icing, and the flavor uplifts the best of it. This cake can be precise of jam, custard, whipped cream, puréed fruit, or nut paste.



This decadent dessert is an authentic French classic and is found in pâtisseries all over the country. With a shape resembling a bicycle wheel, Paris-Brest is made with a ring of pate a choux– traditionally, With a shape puffy hollow pastry resembling that of a bicycle wheel, Paris-Brest is made with a ring of pâte à choux – traditionally, a puffy open pastry

flavored with fleur de sel, topped with few flaked almonds, and baked until golden brown.



This sweet consists of thin layers of dough with a flavorful apple filling. Its story starts with the invention of baklava, a filo pastry prevalent in the Balkans and the Middle East.

As baklava requires fragile dough, the technique was likely perfected by either one Ottomans or the Greeks. It is believed thatýustrudel arrived in Hungary first, then Austria, because the Ottomans constantly interacted with the Habsburgs.

Top Pastries in the world


These flaky, crescent-shaped, golden-colored pastries are best made with butter and sweet yeast dough. The proper methods include the yellow-white structure inside this sweet should be just a bit elastic when pulled from the center, and it should be ready to get covered with butter or some fresh jam.

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